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There are so many ways to bring relaxation to you and the ones you care about.

$70.00 per hour  $100.00 for 90 minutes

This deep massage uses muscle manipulation techniques to target specific areas of concern on the body. Deep tissue massage aids in increasing range of motion in joints and muscles, reduces scar tissue

Hot Stone Massage

Swedish Massage

This massage helps soothe sore and achy muscles and joints with help of firm but gentle gliding strokes and kneading muscle techniques to enhances circulation and overall good health.

Deep Tissue Massage

Starting at 1.00 per minute

On-site Chair Massage

$60.00 per hour  $85.00 for 90 minute session  $100.00 for 2 hour 

$70.00 per hour  $100.00 for 90 minutes

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A Moment 2 Relax Massage Therapy

Therapists use heated Basalt Stones to help relax deep and tense muscles. Hot stone therapy is a highly detoxifying type of massage. Basalt stones are from lava rock with natural healing minerals.